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Why Wagawhey?

Wagawhey, The Lactoserum Super-Supplement & "Whey" Forward For Your Dog's Gut Health

Most allergies and autoimmune deficiencies are caused by an imbalance in your pet’s immune system.

Superficial pyoderma, for example, which is caused by bacteria creates discomfort for your pet, which manifests in excessive licking and congestion, and the personal frustration of watching your pet suffer.

What Causes Your Pet's Immune System To Become Depressed or Overwhelmed?

  • Diet – not meeting all the nutritional requirements of your furry friend
  • Over-vaccination
  • Exposure to toxins
  • Potential distress, or
  • Any number of other causes that affect the immune system, bacteria on the skin will then multiply and cause sores

Bear in mind, any secondary bacterial or yeast infection must be treated before much progress can be seen in remediation of the underlying cause of the itchy skin. Hot spots occur from self-inflicted trauma that results when the pet attempts to relieve a pain or itch by excessive scratching, biting and rubbing.

These must be controlled with topical treatment whilst your pet’s immune system is recovering and re-balancing. Wagawhey is an HOLISTIC enzyme-activated whey skin treatment and is registered as a Veterinary Complementary Medicine (MCC Reg. No 150775) – a powerful natural formula – to help your pet maintain a healthy balance in their immune system, combat skin disorders and support wound healing.

Wagawhey naturally maintains the balance in your pet’s immune system. The benefits are similar to using traditional immune support, but without the negative effects. From the most common seasonal or food allergy relief to other immune concerns, Wagawhey supports your pet’s body to keep their immune system strong.

Why & How It Works

Relieving the itch: If you’re looking for a natural, effective alternative to traditional immune support and modulation, Wagawhey makes an excellent choice. Offering lasting results by using the approach Mother Nature intended. The bio-active enzymes in Wagawhey reduce inflammation and itching as well as boost skin health and assist in the re-balancing and cleansing of the intestinal tract, eliminating toxins.

Wagawhey is a natural anti-inflammatory and aids in restoring healthy blood circulation and promotes healing of any ulceration in the stomach lining of the gut. It is available in an easy-to-administer powder form, which is mixed in your pet’s drinking water and can also be applied topically to address any red, inflamed or oozing hotspot areas.

Remember, we are not vets and don’t diagnose. Your vet should always be consulted if you are concerned about your pets health.