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Whey, the Healing Water

Someone who very early on inspired my own research whilst working on Wagawhey in the late 90’s was Christopher Vasey, N.D. a Swiss naturopath specializing in detoxification and rejuvenation as well as the author of The Whey Prescription.

His book makes for very interesting reading and I would encourage anyone battling any health issues to get their hands on a copy. Christopher Vasey was explaining the link between gut health and illnesses way before most medical practitioners had even gained any kind of understanding on the gut-skin axis. Christopher understood that whey provided corrective action to the internal cellular environment.

“Since antiquity whey has been known as “healing water” by Greek physicians. Hippocrates and Galen both recommended whey to their patients. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries spas across Europe offered the whey cure to aristocrats and commoners alike. Modern scientific research has confirmed the curative capabilities attributed by our ancestors to this dairy product, but because it is highly perishable and must be consumed whilst very fresh, this cure fell out of favour in our modern urban age.”

Now, thanks to the availability of Wagawhey’s enzyme activated whey powder, this highly nutritious and effective healing agent is once more within the reach of everyone.

“Beyond it’s nutritional value, whey has powerful detoxification properties and it’s therapeutic action is beneficial for major organ centres of the body: heart, liver, kidneys and intestines. It is especially effective in the treatment of liver ailments such as hepatitis as well as the treatment of skin problems, infections, edema, digestive disorders and gallstones and the painful joint diseases of arthritis and rheumatism. Whey also has been shown to be a powerful treatment against obesity, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.”

In forth coming newsletters I will be sharing extracts from Christopher Vasey’s book

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