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Ted and Tyson – Sheen, London

I have two Staffordshire Bull Terriers, they are father and son. Tyson is 10 and Ted is 4. Since Ted was a pup he has always had skin problems : itchy spots all over his neck and face. He was on and off steroids and antibiotics from the vet for a good part of the first year of having him, every time the tablets ran out, the problem would come back. Ted will still scratch his head raw and does not know when to stop. the hair on his head is very thin from itching too much! Tyson his dad is adopted and has always had problems licking his paws, sometimes he will chew them raw which makes it painful for him to walk. Both of my dogs have tried a number of probiotics, turmeric paste which did help a bit but not enough!

Boys are aged 10 and 4 when first trying Wagawhey and they LOVE it, I say ” boys milkshake!!” and they come running for the stuff! They both drink it twice a day and recommended. I originally just had Ted on Wagawhey as he was worse than Tyson, I saw effects within about 4 days and was amazed! He has virtually stopped itching after a couple weeks. I was so impressed that I have put his dad Tyson on Wagawhey too.


Amy – Sheen, UK