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Pepper, And Her Remarkable Recovery

My darling little Pepper who chose us as her family almost 5 years ago has battled with sensitive skin and itching which has resulted in her rubbing herself raw, to the point where the skin on her tummy and back has bled and led to secondary infections.

For years Pepper has been on cortisone injections and I have a long history of visits to the local vet. I was curious to learn that Wagawhey is a holistic alternative and being natural is free from any harmful side-effects.

Pepper is like a child to us and seeing the distress and pain she was going through was just too much to bear. Justin Healey explained that Wagawhey works from the inside out and the outside in, in other words that Wagawhey re-balances the intestinal flora in the gut and supports the immune system and eliminates toxins and at the same time when applied topically to the red, inflamed and bleeding skin Wagawhey reduces inflammation and promotes healing.

Justin also lent me a book called “The Whey Prescription” written by a Swiss Naturopath Dr Christopher Vasey, I was amazed with this discovery and started Pepper on her daily course of Wagawhey. We gave it to her to drink religiously in the morning and evenings and applied a small amount directly onto the affected areas, she had rubbed raw.

After about 8 days we noticed a huge improvement and after 3 weeks Pepper was feeling like a different dog. Friends and family who know Pepper well, have commented on how much softer her coat has become since being on Wagawhey.

I am very pleased to say that Pepper no longer suffers from any itching and has finally found peace after all these years. It’s a relief to all of us too. So happy that we now give it to both our dogs!