The Full Story

My Wagawhey Story

I had a blessed childhood, growing up on a farm in Africa, at the foot of the Great Southern Drakensburg Mountains, in the lush green hills of Kwazulu-Natal in South Africa. Surrounded by Hereford cattle, I spent my time roaming and exploring these hills with my dogs. Bridget was my Red Setter, Rocky my Staffie and then there was Big Foot, my Rhodesian Ridge Back. It was only the African sunset that would call an end to our day of adventure.

It was on our farm, Troutbrook, in the early 1990’s, that my family set out to make a cheese.

“The best traditional Farmhouse English Cheddar in the region!”, my Dad boomed.

I travelled to England and trained under cheesemakers in Glastonbury and North Cadbury to hone my cheesemaking skills, and the Healey’s Farmhouse Cheeses brand was established!

In order to make the finest Farmhouse cheddar, the cheesemaker needs to constantly monitor and feel the texture of the curds after the coagulant is cut and scalding begins, a process where the temperature in the vat is raised. As the tiny pea-sized curds get firmer, they release liquid whey. After months of having my hands immersed in this liquid whey, I began to notice how distinguishably more youthful they looked. I hadn’t had much reason to admire the appearance of my hands before then.

We had also been using the whey as a supplement to the diet of our cattle, and our local vet, Dr Colins , was fascinated by their impeccable condition and health since starting their new eating regime. The whey was delicious. Even my dogs, led by Rocky, would stare the cattle square in the eye at the feeding troughs every evening, determined to get their share of the yellowish green liquid!

These events had piqued my curiosity – what natural phenomenon was causing this healing, rejuvenating impact?! I began working with Universities in South Africa in the late 1990’s that were doing research into the enzymes in whey. I was invited back three years in a row to the School of Nursing at UFS where 3rd year nursing students were using whey enzymes in projects involving wound care.

It wasn’t long until I realised I could take these learnings and encapsulate them into a product that could heal and promote the health of my animals. And I could share it with all like-minded animal lovers.

Inflammation is part of the body’s response to damage, whether internal or external.

Whey uniquely fortifies the overall immune system.


Most allergies and autoimmune deficiencies are caused by an imbalance in your pet’s immune system. Superficial pyoderma, for example, which is caused by bacteria creates discomfort for your pet, manifesting in excessive licking and congestion.


In addition to its immune boosting properties, it tastes great! Ask Rocky!  It is also very digestible – absorbed from the gut far more quickly when compared to other types of protein.


All this research, along with my passion for animals, especially my trusted childhood dog companions, culminated in Wagawhey, a 100% natural enzyme activated lactoserum.

Its natural therapeutic properties are cleansing and rejuvenating. It does this by encouraging and supporting good gut bacteria. It promotes an equilibrium in the gut by curbing the state of putrefaction that supports bad gut bacteria. This helps combat skin disorders, yeast and fungal infections. Thanks to its neutral pH, it is safe to use around the eyes and directly on open wounds.

Apply it topically for it’s wound healing bio-active enzymes to reduce inflammation and itching as well as boost skin health . When added to your pet’s food, it assists in the re-balancing and cleansing of your pet’s intestinal tract, eliminating toxins – achieving the same reduced inflammation from within.


If you’re looking for a natural, effective alternative to traditional immune support and modulation, Wagawhey is the product for you.

I believe in it – that’s why I have put our Healey family name to it.

Just like our cheese, it’s the best natural product in the region!

Wagawhey is a registered Veterinary Complementary Medicine (MCC Reg. No 150775)