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Edition Dog – Issue 60

Lactoserum: a canine skin health powerhouse? Dog skin diseases can negatively impact their quality of life. These diseases have various causes; some can lead to secondary infections because of excessive licking and scratching. Therefore even if the primary disease has been treated, it can still lead to downstream diseases that can be difficult to treat.

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Edition Dog – Issue 57

What is inflammation? It’s an evolutionarily conserved process that forms part of the body’s innate immune system. When the body perceives an internal threat like pathogens, injury or harmful toxins, the immune system is activated to localise and remove the threat through the synthesis of specific inflammatory compounds. This initiates the healing process……

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Edition Dog – Issue 55

Gut health is gaining momentum as one of the hottest topics in human health research today. Over the past decade, our understanding of how gut health impacts our overall health has driven a shift toward a more holistic approach to treatment….

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Edition Dog – Issue 53

After following a vegan menu over the past week, my mouth started watering at the thought of writing an article about cheese. After all, cheese ignited Justin Healey’s entrepreneurial spirit, eventually culminating in Wagawhey, his holistic pet treatment…

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