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Alfie – lappin’ and bathing his way to great health

Alfie was surrendered by his owners in July 2019 at the age of 8 months. He had demodectic mange coupled with secondary skin infections and his owners were unable to afford the vet fees to treat him. His fur and skin was a mess and he had scabs and lesions where he had scratched himself raw.

In an effort to build up his immune system and deal with the infections I decided to put him straight onto Wagawhey. Alfie was given daily bowls of Wagawhey to drink and also his skin was bathed with it to try and fight the infection from the outside and the inside at the same time. He was of course on medication to kill the dermodex mites but it was the smell from the skin infections that needed a full on attack. Within days of bathing his skin the redness began to die down and become less angry and within 14 days he was looking so much better. The itching had almost stopped and he was just left with the baldness. I continued using Wagawhey as a drink for another two weeks as this young pups immune system was severely compromised .

I can honestly say that Wagawhey did take away the itch and massively helped with the infected skin by applying it both topically and orally. It also helped to boost Alfie’s depleted immune system and give him the vital nutrients that were missing.

I now keep and use Wagawhey as and when the need arises.




Debbie –  UK