It is our mission at Wagawhey to treat one dog, one horse, one cat at a time and inform pet owners that there is a simple and natural alternative out there, without nasty side effects. We let our successes speak for themselves.
By working with people in the industry, engaging pet parents and allowing people to experience first-hand the relief Wagawhey can provide their four-legged friends, we aim to be the tub at the top of everyone’s minds. If the roles were reversed, your dog would make the right choices for you. Man’s best friend deserves nature’s best-kept secret [till now]

Wagawhey can be used on its own or alongside conventional treatments from your vet.

This story goes back to the early 90’s to a farm set in the lush, rolling foothills of the southern Drakensberg of Natal, South Africa. The Healey family set about making traditional Farmhouse English Cheddar. Justin spent time working and perfecting his cheese-making skills in England, working along side cheese-makers in Glastonbury and North Cadbury. Making the finest Farmhouse Cheddar requires the cheese-maker to constantly be monitoring and feeling the texture of the curds after the coagulant is cut and scalding begins [raising the temperature in the vat] The tiny pea size curds loose their liquid whey as they get firmer. After months of making cheese daily, Justin noticed his hand which was always in the cheese vat had a distinguishable, more youthful and rejuvenated look about it.

Subsequently the whey, a byproduct from the cheese-making process was also being fed to the Hereford cattle on the farm. The local vet was intrigued at the condition and superb health the herd was in and it was all down to the whey.
By this stage the family’s dogs were gathering at the feeding troughs to get their share of the yellowish green liquid. The Australians were doing research on whey enzymes in the late 90’s and it was not long after that, that Justin started working with a few University’s in South Africa and was invited back three years in a row to the School of Nursing at UFS where 3rd year nursing student used whey enzymes for projects involving wound care.

Originated and nurtured in nature, Wagawhey is a 100% natural enzyme activated lactoserum. It’s natural therapeutic properties are cleansing and rejuvenating. The whey enzymes act naturally to combat inflammation, restore the immune system by rebalance the gut microbiota [good gut bacteria]

Wagawhey is the most natural way we know of, to manage skin disorders, yeast and fungal infections.