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About Us

To bring knowledge and the importance of gut health to every dog owner.

We make an all-natural lactoserum powder that contains gentle, but powerful bioactive enzymes that support your dog’s gut health. Our holistic gut health supplement is easy to use, providing dogs with a longer, healthier life. Free from the problems associated with gut dysbiosis.

Originated and nurtured in nature, Wagawhey is a 100% natural enzyme activated lactoserum. It’s natural therapeutic properties are cleansing and rejuvenating. The whey enzymes act naturally to combat inflammation, restore the immune system by rebalance the gut microbiota [good gut bacteria]

Our dogs and cats GI tract is the epicenter of their immune system! If you pets are unfortunate to be bombarded with everything from food allergens, toxins and prescribed medication, bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi and stress their immune systems could be compromised. Only a single cell layer separates the inside of your pet’s gut from 80% of their immune system. This biofilm we like to think of as a gooey bomb shelter or shield for all the GOOD gut bacteria, yeast, and parasites to hide under so they can survive even the strongest antibiotics and anti-fungals (natural or medication) that would potentially kill them off.

Biofilm start out with individual bacteria and when conditions are favorable, they start forming communities by adhering to the surface, like the gut walls.

This is where the development of tolerance of our pet’s own bacteria, development of food and environmental allergies and the beginning of autoimmune diseases occur.

Keeping our pet’s intestinal lining strong, avoiding things that weaken it are crucial in preventing and reversing autoimmune disease, food and environmental allergies and many other inflammatory diseases, including cancer.

Wagawhey is the most natural way we know of, to manage skin disorders, yeast and fungal infections. Boost immunity and combat inflammation.