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Reload Your Dog's
Native Biome


Boosting Diversity
In the Gut


Gut Health

Simply #Gutilicious. Dogs Love It.

Great natural taste. Easy to use. The addition of fresh water activates the anti-inflammatory, prebiotic and immune support superpowers of lactoserum for your dogs.

Lactoserum is a natural antibiotic.

Reload Your Dog’s Native Biome

A Balanced Gut & Skin Microbiome Is At The Core Of Holistic Health

Assists Digestion & Peristalsis
Improves Skin & Coat
Supports Healthy Gut Microbiome
Detoxification Post Prescribed Medication
Builds Immunity & Reduces Inflammation

Helping Dogs Live Stronger for Longer

Wagawhey ® is a 100% naturally derived lactoserum powder containing all the enzymatic goodness for gut health support.

Inflammation &

Leaky Gut?

Gut Disorders?

Smoothie Ideas

For Summer

How To Use Wagawhey

Just Add Clean Cool Water To Activate The Anti-inflammatory, Prebiotic And Immune System Support Superpowers

What is Wagawhey?

How To Use Wagawhey

Treating Your Dog’s Skin Disorder


What Our Clients Had To Say About Wagawhey

Cassy - Newcastle, UK

Oakley went on Wagawhey and after about 7 -10 days, the reaction that caused this disappeared, the redness and swollen lops returned to their normal state.

Charmaine - Great Dane Rescue

The added benefits are that it’s natural and gives us peace of mind when considering the alternatives, like cortisone.

Keith - Underberg, South Africa

She was on Wagawhey for just over a week and finally, we have a dog that no longer smells. Really impressed with how Wagawhey has helped her!


Since then, he has not had a single new incidence of hotspots or any other skin conditions. We now keep all three of our dogs on a Wagawhey and highly recommend it.

Jenny - Cape Town, South Africa

I am very pleased to say that Pepper no longer suffers from any itching and has finally found peace after all these years. It’s a relief to all of us too. So happy that we now give it to both our dogs!

Gina - Village Vet Shop, South Africa

It has been remarkable, and Penelope is one very happy hound whose days are no longer spent scratching and itching to the point of complete discomfort.

Barry HindmarchBVSc, Lic Ac

The results were impressive. We saw the health of the skin return to normal without the need for cortisone or antibiotics. Wagawhey was well tolerated by the animals, it is easy to use and produced no signs of toxicity.

Francis ColensoA.R.I Director

After 10 days on Wagawhey, all signs had disappeared which we found totally amazing. From proven results, we will definitely continue using this product.

Lindsay AskewVet Nurse

We washed the dogs daily with the enzyme activated whey solution as well as giving it orally. Within 1 week we saw an improvement.

Kath – Horsham, UK

Our dog has seasonal allergies where he scratches and bites himself, often making bald patches. We saw Wagawhey at Paws in the Park last month and looked it up when we returned home. Having tried so many other natural ‘remedies’ we gave Wagawhey a go and can’t believe how much difference it’s made to our dog. He likes to drink it, which makes life so easy and he barely scratches now. It’s made his life and ours so much better. We’re so pleased that we saw it that day at the show!

Verity - Proprietor DOGMASTERS

I own DOGMASTERS a dog grooming business, so I see dogs on a daily basis who have multiple skin problems and intestinal issues. Since tying Wagawhey on my own dogs and seeing the difference it made to them I was happy to recommend Wagawhay to my own clients.
The outcomes have been outstanding. The hair regrowth I've also seen on dogs that were previously bald was amazing. No hesitation to recommend. So glad I found this product! 5 Stars and beyond!


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